Sustainable Wow

We aim to reduce our impact on the environment while maintaining York’s special qualities and enabling the city and its communities to grow and thrive.

York aims to be a leading sustainable city by demonstrating strong performance in tackling climate change, resource efficiency, environmental protection and enhancement (natural and built environments), sustainable transport and quality of life for all, and whilst respecting its special qualities and capacity for growth accordingly.

There are significant challenges to overcome including:

  • Climate change and unsustainable use of resources
  • Traffic congestion and air and noise pollution
  • The need to reduce waste and recycle more
  • The risk of flooding in a changing climate
  • Ensuring that development to meet the demand for homes and enterprise respects the special qualities and distictiveness of York.
  • Loss of biodiversity

In order to overcome such challenges our priorities going forward will be to:

  1. Change the way we live and work in York by promoting and embedding sustainable lifestyles that will have a positive effect on the natural and built environment
  2. Conserve the natural environment in York for the enjoyment of everyone
  3. Define and communicate the special qualities of York and the distinctiveness of the city and ensure that development and growth strengthen these qualities
  4. Promote pride of place amongst local residents and support them in improving the quality of their communities
  5. Develop sustainable means of travelling within, from and to York that meet the needs of residents, visitors and the economy
  6. Be a city with low levels of pollution and waste production and high levels of recycling.

The Board who will guide delivery and progress on this are the York Environment Partnership.  This Board is made up of local partners all helping to create a sustainable city.

The Board want to help and encourage York's businesses, public sector organisations and residents to take action to help create a sustainable York.  To date the Board have delivered community and schools initiatives, a sustainable living guide (see above) and overseen the development and implementation of the City Climate Change Framework and Action Plan (See above).

For further details on the York Environment Partnership, including membership, contact Jacqueline Warren ( or Tel: 01904 551666. 

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